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Nahum Gershon

Judy Hammond (Australia) has commented via email:

Interesting article.

Need to define "chains of the old world" as some would see that as 'freedoms of the old world' and the new world as being in 'chains' - of work and not whole of life living.

If we are going to find new names for HCI then Human-Computing Interaction would be my first thought, as it is specifically talking about aspects relating to computing technology, and not to life experience outside of this - assuming in the future we do have a life outside computing :)

Nahum Gershon


Thanks for your comment.

I agree with you that not only there are chains of the old world, but the new world has chains too. What I meant by the chains of the old world is looking mainly on human computer interaction like we did 10-20 years ago, where the "computer" is a desktop or a laptop and not also on the continuum of mobile devices plus computing devices in all kinds of objects (like watches, cameras, cars, cloth, etc.). The other aspect of the "chains of the old world" include regarding communication using mainly email and not including social media and location services.

Chains of the new world include, for example, getting alerts (new email, a Skype call on the tablet), etc.) while reading a book on a tablet. This is contrasted with the ability to peacefully read a book made of paper without interruption.

The HCI community could use its capabilities to go beyond occasional papers dealing with the new aspects to fully embrace the changed environment to study these new interfaces in a big way and innovate in these areas.

As for a new name for this enhanced HCI, like you, I also tend to prefer Human-Computing Interaction, since it embodies all kinds of devices that use computing and not just traditional computers. An advantage of Human-Computing Interaction is that it also retains the acronym HCI.

Again, thanks for your comment, Judy.

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