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Mark Drapeau

Thanks for the great overview of what is a current and interesting discussion.

Kaleem Kamboj

Dear Nahum, thank you for the succinct remarks. I agree. Here are some thoughts…
"What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet."
It is true that a name, a metaphor and a poetical reference may conjure certain perceptions and projections. All media is social. The interaction has not been as interrelated and as direct as technology has made available at the present time. In the past the critic or fan provided commentary indirectly. The customer bought or boycotted in response. The gap of the indirect response allowed certain syndicate control. Societies went from story tellers – to story makers – to our current open source stories. Platforms too are still as prominent as they were at each historical stage of social conversation. Today we call these platforms Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. The names continue to change as we learn new ways of conversation of being human.

Andrew Krzmarzick

Well said, Nahum. Ultimately, I stated the case for knowledge media strongly to spur discussion, but would argue that the accepted language (social media or Web 2.0) should be used when introducing the concept...then include terms like "knowledge network" or "collaborative tools" to stress that these tools meet serious needs within organizations and to help resisters in understanding and accepting their value to accomplish the mission. "New media" may fall within this category as well (i.e. talking about the integration of social media with more traditional tools that facilitate communication and collaboration).

Nahum Gershon

Thanks, Andy for both your post and comment. I deal with implementation issues of social/knowledge/new media, etc., in real life and you are right that we need to tailor the presentation appropriately to the task at hand. There are always social issues with these new media since they require a change of behavior and new kinds of interpersonal and inter-organizational habits. I would like to continue the voice-to-voice (V2V) that we started and maybe even extend it to F2F encounter when you are in town.

BTW, I meant by the term new media the integration of social aspects with the new mobile and real-time capabilities as well as with more traditional technologies.

Nahum Gershon

Dear Kaleem, thanks for your thoughtful comments. I totally agree with your historical assessment that we always had social interaction with most of available media and that the new social media hve given us more active and direct participation capabilities. Yes, we are still learning how to communicate and will always do so while technology is providing us with more ways to satisfy the human need to communicate with one another.

Nahum, I couldn't agree more. In fact, with 'New Media' we're on the same page:

There's also some traction on 'Collaborative Media' and 'Collaborative Technology' but those are mouthfuls .. might not stand up to everyday use.

I'm about to post on 'semantics in a virtual world, and the challenge of shifting context', and it looks like we're on the same page there too. Thanks for your link to Mark D's post, I need to read it. One going in thought: the loss of 'critical thinking' skills in society (and of course, in gov't) allows otherwise useful metaphors to overpower what they're trying to describe.

Looking forward to further dialog & insights.


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