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Thanks for keeping the conversation going on education and #gov20. This is one of many emergent strains of critical reflection which to my points toward our journey from giddiness to maturity.

The education, I believe, is not so much needed in the web20 realm. Instead, the shortfall lies in civics education, the study of public life in general and recognition of individual responsibilities to their communities.

In sum, I think #gov20 shortfalls are really preexisting external conditions merely finding yet another channel through which a much larger socio-cultural psychosis gets illuminated. A good example of that psychosis is (a)pathetic voter turnout rates.


Dan Deakin

Good points all around (as usual). At a grand view level I see education as the oil of the society's engine. For the economy to add value (GDP) there must be a significant amount of oil (education - in the labor pool) to continue to grow and maintain a healthy ballance. Web20 tools bring a velocity to the overall mix that we have never seen before. By connecting and relating information and ideas from the most powerful systems we have (our brain) we enable swift idea exchange and significant leverage.

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