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Avi Kalderon

While the iPhone is designed for a 'wow' user experience, the BB was designed for maximum worker practicality. Your points are well taken and I agree with them completely.

To add, I am a left brain / right brain user as well (BB Pearl from work and iPhone 3G for everything else). I have found the experiences to be half-and-half

Love the iPhone form factor, UI, touch-ability etc. and I do think that social media has not even begun to explore the opportunity of using the 'touch' sense for social interaction (i.e. "touch" a friend interactively) but the device also required your full attention in return... because it is a touch sensitive interface, the lack of appropriate tactile feedback that tells your fingers where to go, your attention is completely occupied by the device

Compare that to the blackberry. You navigate using quick keys. They are physical keys, you can type and interact while in a meeting, on the bus, watching TV etc. Your attention can be divided between the device and another activity as your fingers are in a sense 'telling' your brain what they are doing so you can have both the left side and right side occupied at the same time on separate activities.

User Experience, yes. Productivity, yes. Diluted attention - also yes.

Pick your favorite two out of the three for best experience... achieving all three in one device is probably the next generation iphone / BB biggest challenge

Avi Kalderon

Sorry, the 'third' element was meant to say 'Undivided Attention - also yes' vs. 'Diluted' for the sentence to make sense.

Nahum Gershon


Thanks for your comments. These are excellent points, and as a matter of fact, I am going to refer to them in my next blog on the iPhone keyboard- touching vs. feeling.


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